About DJ Deep

“Music to me is the air that I breathe,it’s the blood that pumps through my veins that keeps me alive” Says DJ DEEP.
He has always been passionnate about music, right from his childhood days. He use to find solace in it. Those days lyrics seemed more meaningful to him than his books. He never thouught about it as profession though.

2011 was a big turning point in his life. He finally decided that music in his life and he wanted it to be his profession as well. He did his Pro DJ course from the very famous Panache School of Sound in Hyderbad. There he learned all about beat matching, equipments, digital dj technology and music management. He got to introduced to various styles of music from all eras to the latest trends.

From Pubs to Birthdays, Bachelor parties to marriages, College fest to Pool parties, he played in all kind of events which increased his knowledge and experience from time to time. A normal boy who used to get lost in the crowd to a DJ who makes the crowd go crazy by his music, It’s been a big joyride. The way the crowd shouts and dances when he raps the song while playing, Its one of the best part of his play. Music has helped him evolve from Amandeep Singh to DJ Deep. “The best thing about music is that when it hits you, you feel no pain. That is what i was meant to do, and that is what i want to do all my life” Says DJ Deep.

The journey from a guy dancing and jumping in the crowd in a music festival to a DJ making the crowd dance and jump to his tunes has been crazy for him. He says “I could not have made so far without the tremendous love and support exhibited by my friends an family. He was able to trigger himself and get himself to a point where his name gets huge. he had set benchmarks by performing with DJ AQEEL, BABA SEHGAL, RANJIT KUMAR to a name few. He also had shared the stage with DJ SHADOW DUBAI, NUCLEYA, RANNVIJAY SINGH(Roadies Fame).

It wont be wrong in saying that he had bought a revolution in how people party with his mind blowing Djing techniques and sense tickling on stage RAPPING. “What I am today is all because my passion for music and support of my family and fans. It would have never been possible to become big without the love of my fans” Says DJ Deep